lördag 31 januari 2015

Understandable to who?

As shown in http://gettingsciencegoingagain.blogspot.se/2015/01/non-status-science-is-possible.html , hierarchical and authority-based "thought" ends where the ability to think scientifically begins. So when talking about theories having to be "understandable" to be scientific, a totally important counter-question is: understandable to who? By just vaguely defining "understandable", it could as well be argued that just because gorillas cannot understand a theory, the theory is not scientific. Demanding that theories must be understandable for gorillas in order to be scientific would cause science to cease to be science. Logically, this means that defining "scientific method" in a way adapted to be understandable to authority-believers also causes science to cease to be science. So defining "science" by reference to some kind of authority (which "peer review" does) is to abandon science.

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