lördag 3 januari 2015

Rigor of stupidity

Some gorillas have scored 95 in IQ tests for adult humans by exploiting the fact that IQ tests focus on answering in time (turning their animalistic lack of time-"wasting" critical thinking to their advantage). Just like IQ tests, academic examination focuses on answering questions in time. The fact that scores are judged by what already-existing literature considers "correct" does not improve the situation. Since critical thinking is often considered obnoxious (especially if judged by uncriticals), lack thereof gives positive "social intelligence" points at employment interviews. This gives lots of uncriticals, whose fast answer speed is the only reason why they are not considered retarded, employment as "scientists", with peer status and egibility for reviewer status in their respective fields. And the greater number of reviewers at a journal is, the more closely the risk of at least one of them being a uncritical fool approximates 100%. Since journals with greater numbers of reviewers are considered more respectable by peer review standards, peer review respectability is measured in risk of uncritical fools stopping the publication of anything really intelligent.

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