torsdag 8 januari 2015

The anti-falsifiability disaster.

In recent years, official academia has became increasingly hostile to falsifiability. They use fallacious "reasoning" to ridicule it, e.g. false generalization. They claim that just because there are some cases where an empirical discovery have been claimed to debunk an entire "paradigm" but did not do so, that "proves" that there are no key discoveries that can entirely falsify theories. Examples are cited in some older blog posts, contrasting neutrinos on one hand to non-aether on the other. Another example is association fallacies. One example is to claim that viewing falsifiability as the definition of science would lead to belief in "intelligent design". There, they ignore JBS Haldane's point that for example a fossil rabbit in the precambrian would falsify evolution if discovered, and that "intelligent design" have never made any falsifiable predictions (claiming one designer for all of nature leaves no room for differences in intelligence with falsifiable effects). As if ignoring a few falsifications was not bad enough, academia's division into separate disciplines (enforced by "peer review"'s definitions of who is allowed to review what papers) means that theories that make lots of false predictions in many officially different disciplines are believed by peer reviewers to make only the predictions in their particular "field".

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