torsdag 15 januari 2015

Do not uncritically trust anything.

Advocates of "peer review" often claim that it prevents nonsense and ask what we should trust without it. The answer is that the question "what shall we trust" is a question for religitards and not for critical, scientific people. Science is for those who think critically about the actual content, not for those who want to believe in trustworthiness of specific institutions. "Scientific authority" is an oxymoron. When critical people see contradictions, they seek out more empirical data to form an opinion for themselves. That's how real science is done. While there may be a chance that some (maybe even many) people who do not do so can learn to do so, any attempts to use rules and institutions to give scientific "truth" to those who do not think critically is futile. And, if those attempts restricts the testing of theses and according changes of theories in any way, worse than futile. Uncritical people destroying themselves due to uncritical belief in nonsense is collateral damage compared to the horrendous disaster of "peer review" strangling the scientific method and freezing scientific progress.

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