söndag 11 januari 2015

Non-status science is possible

Those who claim status thinking in science to be "inevitable" claim we have "brain modules" for status from ape ancestors. But advances have happened after Carl Sagan's death, e.g. discovery of neocortex homolog in brains of reptiles. Since other organs like skeletons evolve by modification of existing parts, organs of the same origin get totally different functions (not by preserving old bones unchanged and forming new bones for each new function) this is logic. Since directed emotions cannot exist without cognition recognizing what to direct it at, the concept of emotions existing independently of cognition and cognition being a mere tool is nonsense. Higher cognition evolves by improving that simple recognition, not as separate encapsulated modules. Claiming that intelligent people have "status brains" under their "analytical brains" is like claiming that penguings have "flying wings" under their "swimming wings". Since I am as smart as I am, I like being informed regardless if it means being told that I overlooked something and regardless of who informs me. I never want anyone to avoid commenting my theories out of politeness, at any level whatsoever.

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