söndag 8 mars 2015

Science and equality

All attempts to counter what is shown in http://gettingsciencegoingagain.blogspot.se/2015/01/non-status-science-is-possible.html that I have received claims that science is about following rules, which is debunked in http://gettingsciencegoingagain.blogspot.se/2015/03/animals-can-follow-rules-so-rules-do.html . It is extremely odd that the same people who claim that "pursuit of status is an important drive for scientists" also claim that "peer review is necessary to prevent cheating caused by pursuit of status". The contradiction shows that only search for objective truth is adequate. This agrees with the fact that status/prestige/authority/credibility thinking is a symptom of a brain too blunt to analyze actual content. This goes regardless if the blunt brain is dominant or submissive, claim to be an authority or believe in others as authorities. Science-capable brains are, thus, neither submissive nor dominant. Science-capable brains analyze the content instead of assessing authority. As it's International Women's Day today, I will debunk gender stereotypes. Gender stereotype-believing psychologists try to explain away the fact that there are science-capable people of both sexes by saying that "the difference within sexes is bigger than that between them", but that is insufficient. If only a small part of a bell curve pokes over an edge, it only takes a small move in the other direction to make sure no part of the curve pokes over the edge. Ergo, the existence of science-capable both men and women falsifies all gender stereotypes both ways. It may seem that the psychological stereotype of women's brains being more complex/plastic than men's is misandrist, but within its own philosophical context (the awful fallacious "belief in plasticity equals social engineering like Stalin and Mao" rhetorics spewed in Steven Pinker's "The blank slate") it is misogynist.

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