söndag 15 mars 2015

No association fallacies

To be capable of science is to question theories for what they are, in their own context, not for what they are "generally" associated with. It does not mean that all theories are equal (they certainly are not, some theories are wrong). However, never assume that a certain claim "must" be due to those-and-those motifs, not even if the claim is blatantly wrong. For instance, any evidence that can be denied using conspiracy theories can just as well be denied using cognitive bias theories (or even more easily, since biasing "selfish genes" would just be there, with the same effect as all humans conspiring without even having to technically conspire). It is the untestable denial itself that makes a "theory" unscientific, not any arbitrary distinction between cognitive bias and conspiracy. This is one of many rerasons why those who judge theories by formulation/who published it/that person's status etc are incapable of science. Those who claim "peer review" to be "necessary" protection from pseudoscience and the promoters of real pseudoscience who attack science by lumping it with "peer review" are both equally stupid. Anyone who claims something to be "necessary" to avoid something else and/or assumes that criticism of something "must" come from an agenda promoting something else is incapable of science. Saying as a phrase that a claim must not necessarily come from an agenda but then keeping on as if it did is not one scrap better than flat-out saying that it has to (just like parrots can mimick phrases describing the scientific method without being capable of doing science).

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